Danish Hospitality

GamuT doesn't rent a display room at one of the hotels, instead they figure the best way to show off home loudspeakers is in a home. So they rent a palatial pad in the Las Vegas suburbs, invite us over for dinner (they fly in a Danish cook and assistant) and then we retire to the living room to check out the speakers and electronics.

In a perfect world, CES's high end audio sector would take over a small neighborhood every year, and we'd just caravan from house to house.

carlos villarreal's picture

UFFFFFFF!.. Thats what I call a class Act!.....How was the danish food, the Gamut electronics etc... , tell us more.

Jon Iverson's picture

The food was fantastic - the chocolate souffle in particular, and the system sounded great in the large open living room. The speakers were the companies current flagship product, the L7. The electronics included the CI 100 preamp, CD 3 CD player, and the monoblock M250 mk3 amps. We tracked everything from Zeppelin II to John Rutter's Requiem and loved every minute of it. A great real-world demo.

Peter J. Hansen's picture

The electronics included the CI 100 preamp, CD 3 CD player, and the monoblock M250 mk3 amps. The Pre Amplifier must have been the D3i and not the CI100 as mentioned.What were the cables being used ? Inetrconnects must have been GamuT's own cable - made by vdH [I presume]. Speaker Cables ? Power Cords ?

Lars Goller's picture

Hi Peter, we had a second setup with the Ci100 (will be named Si100, the one on demo used a prototype frontplate with Ci100 engraved)Phi3, and CD3. We also demoed a 3rd setup with the Phi7, Di150 and CD3, it is good to have a huge house...For the main L7 system we used the CD3, The D3i as Pre amp. running the M250MKII using our own interconnects. For the L7 system we used bi wired compact speaker cable. For the Phi3 and Phi7 setup we used Slinky Links speaker cable. We used standard power chords, so there is room left for trimming and improvement. We are in the process of creating our own speaker cable, and we are exited to find out if our philosophy on sound reproduction also applies to speaker cable... As you may suspect we are almost as enthusiastic about good food as we are about sound, so having an excellent chef like Pernille cooking for us a whole week is quite a treat.