Most Enthusiastic Demo of T.H.E. Show

TBI's Jan Plummer is so proud and punched up about his $400/pair Majestic Diamond 1 single driver loudspeakers that he seems to shimmer—as if he's transporting between this plane of existence and another one.

The Majestic Diamonds employ TBI's patent-pending Embedded Transmission Line technology (ETL), which Plummer didn't exactly explain to us. He did demo the Majestic Diamonds for us and they sounded a lot better than any compact, one-driver speaker had any right to—so we expect that whatever other dimension Plummer is jaunting to has different laws of physics.

What was really impressive was Plummer's second demo, which hid two Majestic Diamonds behind a flat-screen TV, facing out to the sides of the room. The sound was direct and focused precisely on the screen itself. ETL may prove most useful in applications where unobtrusive high-quality sound is required.

All I can say for sure is that in terms of energy production, Hoover Dam had serious competition in Jan Plummer. I wouldn't bet against him—or TBI.

Brad Klinedinst's picture

I believe we are looking at a picture of the Majestic Diamond 2, not the Majestic Diamond 1. I believe the 1 does not have a tweeter. I have no idea what the cost of the 2 is, but I doubt it is is the same price as the 1, which goes for $400. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Stephen Mejias's picture

You are correct, Brad. We'll look into the price of the Diamond 2 and report back soon.

Rory's picture

I've been following the TBI company closely, primarily because of its almost too-good-to-be-true performance claims from extremely small subwoofers. ETL technology is used by TBI sound in two ways. The ETL is essentially a wave absorber -- a slim internal chamber, stuffed chock-full of damping material. In the case of TBI's small subs, the resistive loading provided by this stuffed cavity is responsible for lowering the resonant frequency of the driver in the enclosure. The other chamber of TBI's subs is an acoustic bandpass filter. In the case of their Majestic Diamond speakers, the ETL functions as a wave absorber. At low frequencies, it acts like another chamber separated from the main chamber by an aperiodic vent, but it also has the added benefit in that it absorbs internal standing-wave energy in the enclosure at upper frequencies, which we're told has the benefit of improving resolution and clarity because standing wave energy is not being re-radiated by the cone. At least that'

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