Reference 3A's Flagship, the Grand Veena

Divergent Technologies’ Tash Goka introduced a new top speaker in the Reference 3A line: the Grand Veena ($7500/pair), which, in addition to two woofers, a midrange and a tweeter, also has a Murata supertweeter that covers the range from 20kHz to 100kHz. The sonic contribution of the supertweeter is acknowledged to be "not easily detectable by conventional means," but is said to improve the speaker’s spatial quality and have positive effects outside of its nominal operating range. The Grand Veenas sounded mighty nice driven by Antique Sound Labs' new Cadenza amps ($6500/pair).

Despite his techno-sniffiness about single-ended amplifiers, John Atkinson was also impressed by the sound in this room.

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Not sure how this slipped through but I'm sure Tash would appreciate being correctly identified as being the head honcho at Divergent Technologies NOT as a representative of one of his competitors!

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Thanks for pointing out this error, Neil. We've made the correction.