Musical Fidelity Tackles the Future

The SignalPath suite at the Mirage featured the company's Era speakers and Musical Fidelity electronics—but wait! What's that sitting on top of the kW250 integrated amplifier? It's a laptop!

SignalPath's David Solomon and Jim Spainhour strongly feel that the iPod/iTunes revolution should be embraced by High-End Audio and they asked MF's Antony Michaelson if he would include a USB port on his new XDACv8 D/A processor (left). Ever-obliging, Antony did just that, and the sound in the suite was sourced from iTunes playing uncompressed WAV files.

But what's that on top of the new XRayv8 CD player? It's a wireless router. The SignalPath suite had Sonos multizone WiFi players in each room, and plans are afoot for SignalPath to introduce their own, highly affordable WiFi-connected products.

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