Jonathan Scull—Demagnetize This

Erstwhile Stereophile scribe Jonathan Scull, now firmly established in the worlds of public relations and marketing, conducted an in-room presentation of new Furutech products including an LP flattener, an LP demagnetizer and, with especial relish shown in the picture, an LP degausser. Also, shown were some beautiful AC receptacles and <$100 power cords with various connectors. Beautiful stuff.

Willis Greenstreet's picture

I miss you, J-10. I never thought I would say this after reading some of the wisp of the wind equipment reviews which leave me snorting, but I do!

Jonathan Scull's picture

Willis, thanks very much for your thoughts. While I rush around shows these days with my Joe Business PR/Marketing head on, a hand occasionally pops out of the crowd with a few kind words about the old days. It always gives me goose bumps and pause to remember what a wonderful time and a great privilege it was to review all those extraordinary components in my own, ahhh, unique way! If the snorting continues, see your doctor! (-

CE's picture

Come on, this is candid camera right? What is the difference between an LP demagnetizer, and an LP DeGausser? Besides the ad verbage? Would you take a lie detector test and answer the questions, like, you really can hear magnetized records, and you can hear what a wall outlet sounds like, Say this $100 beauty, versus a nice L.I. Leviton for 89 CENTS!!! Wanna go crazy, spec grade Leviton, $6.!!!!!Nice Nylon front to take the cleaning people from breaking them. Why not an audio wall SWITCH!!!!?

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Is this the Shamwow guy?

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Jonathon,Any recommendations on speaker wire for Usher BE-718? My amp has dual binding posts per channel, maximum flexibility!