Audio Analogue Enigma

The Audio Analogue Enigma ($1949.99) is a very fine-looking chunk of brushed aluminum. An unusual size and shape — half-width and very deep — the Enigma combines a CD player with an AM/FM tuner, tube preamp using an ECC88 valve, which is visible through a small, oval port on the faceplate, and a 54Wpc power amp.

I like the convenience and simplicity provided by such attractive all-in-one systems as the Audio Analogue Enigma. Others I've seen here include the absolutely beautiful Primare CDI10 ($2195) and very affordable Music Hall Trio ($999).

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Certainly agree with you about the convenience of an all-in-one system, but what a lackluster design! (Is that an *LCD* display??) How can this possibly compete with the Arcam Solo and similar products with (to say the least) more refined design?

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It does seem obvious that, if someone is looking to purchase an all-in-one, physical appearance is going to be a high priority.I agree with you about the Enigma's lackluster design, but I do think it has a kind of industrial charm. The Arcam Solo is a favorite of mine, but the most beautiful (that I've seen) of all these all-in-one systems has to be the Primare CDI10. I'd like to compare their sonic qualities before forming an opinion about how they'd compete in the market.

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Googled the CDI10. That IS striking.Yes, the proof is in the listening. But you have to say that. You work for Stereophile. ;-)Keep the great reporting.

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I'm Enigma MkI  owner for some time now (roughly 5 years).

Here is my pros and cons:


  1. quality sound (really good amplifier)
  2. solid design (heavy 10kg - mainly transformer, but also thick aluminium front panel)


  1. poor FM tuner (had to get it repaired once d/t display problems and  not good enough to receive weak signal stations )
  2. very current sensitive CD player
  3. Funny remote control divided into sections for amplifier, tuner and CD I, personally, never use, but good for incresing sound volume fluently (volume knob in the front panel looks good and works without problems, but not too handy when willing to increase a sound level)

I hope that guys in Audio Analogue have drawn some conclusions with MkI and Enigma's younger brother -MkII-is more reliable,but sound wise - truly hard to find a better all-in-one box.