Maximal Directivity from the Copernicus

When it comes to directivity in loudspeaker frequency response, the trend has been to make them less directional, both vertically and horizontally, so that the speakers would be less sensitive to seating position and allow more then one person to enjoy the same tonal balance. The new Copernicus II ($21,000/pair with powered subwoofers and digital equalization/phase correction) from Alltronics Technical Systems takes the opposite approach, going for maximum directionality/focus. The drivers form a vertical line source with a concave curve, the speakers being "aimed" at a seated listener. Not only that, but there's a motorized control moving the speaker up and down to match the exact height of the listener's ears when seated. These are what I'd call "bachelor’s speakers!" They are certainly not designed for listening by couples, but the upside is the the soundstage can be extremely precise and three-dimensional, and the sound itself was well-balanced and dynamic. Here’s designer Dennis Althar with his baby.

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That is simply a superb example of portrait photography, imo, whether artifact laden and naively artful or not. I think the 21k product - a kind of self-imposed consumer electronics version of solitary confinement - likely has no market. This is foreshadowed in the designer's all too human expression, revealing whimsy soon to be bewilderment.

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I had the opportunity to review these speakers during three separate visits to their suite. This system is unreal! I could not get over the "being at a live performance" quality of sound. The depth and staging literally blew me away. The female jazz vocalist was superb. They played a CD cut of a chorale singing in a stone cathedral that was so real that I could visualize the depth of the stone chamber they performed in. By the way, on the last day I asked to put two chairs together side by side and I was amazed that the sound remained true. I don't think it's just for bachelors but if it were it would be worth the experience.PS: I appreciate the previous readers comments and the sensitive prose ... I just can't agree.

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I listened to these speakers standing up and thought they were pretty good. Then, I sat down in the front of them and POW, I was at a live concert! The imaging was amazing, like 3d for the ears and chewy. I watched as others sat down, got in the zone and smiles hit their face. These guys have done their homework and the units are really great looking to boot. If you get a chance, try them out.

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The speakers are phenonmenal. It was not just listening to the music but truly a listening "experience" in music performance. When you hear perfection nothing else comes close and not nearly as enjoyable.