Affordable Avalons

Every CES has its impressive, cost-no-object audio systems, but one of the better sounds I heard at the Show, in terms of superb vocal articulation and an excellent overall balance, came fron a relatively affordable system in the Avalon suite in the Aladdin Hotel. Based on the Colorado company's new NP2.0 two-way towers ($1995/pair), which feature two Kevlar-cone woofers and Avalon's proprietary composite-dome tweeter, driven by an Ayre Acoustics AX7 integrated amp and a Cary CD306 player, the system showed that you don't have to drop megabux on a system to get musically satisfying sound.

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Thanks, John! I feel like you heard my plea asking to see some more reasonbly priced stuff from the show.

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Anybody know how they compare to the old NP speakers?

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Anthon, The New NP Evolutions are really in another class. They are different in every way, better in every way.

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Hi John ... Thx for the noise on this speaker which I am considering. I will soon be replacing my ProAc Tablette 50's on 28" heavily weighted stands, using Cary CD306SACD,McIntosh MA6900,McMR85 Tuner, all on heavily weighted stands/shelving good isolation, with Audience Au24 cabling thoughout. Room is about 20ft w x 15+ d x 10ft h, listen to mostly [Classic-Jazz/Blues & Soul/R&B/ World Music & Classical & the old classic rock n Roll hahaha. Love the ProAc's, I am considering these[but can't listen to them easily[& not in my set up], my question is do you think these would step in where my ProAc's leave off & add what I am craving/missing... more of everything esp. bottom end & mid? Very few really detailed reviews/will you be doing one? I really would appreciate any/all input you could forward my way regarding these speakers & my system setup in my environmet. Thx in advance, looking forward to your insight. Regards. Tristan

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