Ambience from Australia

The Australian Ambience Reference 1800 ribbon hybrid loudspeakers ($13,995) use ribbons of their own design, combined with a vented bass section. The cabinet is sleek, with a narrowing toward the top. I quite enjoyed listening to these speakers, and, ever on the lookout for a cost-effective components, I was impressed by the fact that they were being driven by relatively inexpensive Vincent electronics (SAT-1 preamp, $1495, SAT-100 monoblock power amps, $2495/pair). Designer Tony Moore was on hand to demo the speakers.

Todd Goldblum's picture

I own the ultra 1600's - a scaled down version of the speakers shown above. They are simply amazing. OK stereophile mag - let's see you do a formal review of these speakers!!!!!

Gary J. Pearson's picture

I own the Ultra 1800's and concur with Todd. These great speakers deserve a look and listen.