NEW Shanling MC-30

In the Music Hall suites, everything shouts: "NEW!" Except for the scotch, of course, which is hidden beneath tables and aged for many years.

This is the new flea-powered (3Wpc) Shanling MC-30 music center ($995). In one chassis, it combines a CD player, tuner, iPod input, and tube amplification. I especially like the concealed input selector and volume controls (mounted atop those front cylindrical supports).

Chuck Shay's picture

Any suggestions on what speakers to use withr a 3 watt amp? Under a $1000 to keep it affordable. I know there are very efficient pricey models. What kind of sensitivity would one want in a speaker for this? 91db enough? How about 95db? Also, would a powered sub (along with speakers, of course) have problems with such low wattage? Otherwise, the MC-30 looks pretty damn appealing for an all in one music system for the analog listener with an iPod. CS

Doug Drake's picture

Try some used Klipsch speakers from 20 years ago with the MC-30. If you're not averse to their old school look, you can get a pair of Chorus speakers (101db efficient) that will work great with this unit (IMO) for less than $600.

Jimmy Bee's picture

I have a Shanling MC30 and was surprised that it could drive very many 91 to 89dB sensitive loudspeakers. The Tannoy Precision 6 is an outstanding match, very lively, dynamic, pacy bass and sparkling detail. Good luck in your search, you'll have more fun than worries.

Simon Nunns's picture

I have just bought an MC30 and am using a pair of Paradigm Atom Monitor V.5 speakers (90db) with it. A very good match indeed.

Kris's picture

It's been very well reviewed by the British HiFiWorld, especially its cd spinner and preamp. Has anyone tried the latter in connection with some mid-high end power amp?

Bill OBrien's picture

This is one cool looking substantial little piece of equipment I the only one who finds the CD lid's damping totally unacceptable? This thing SLAMS down on the disc like a hammer! Is this a "Shanling" thing? Gorgeous to look at, sounds very good, but this characteristic (if it is characteristic of all their products) is an utter disappointment. I pre-ordered/pre-paid for mine and I find it this aspect of this piece totally annoying.

Dave Moore's picture

I just read a web comment that the iPOD requires a seperate purchased cable(3.5mm jack).Does this mean that the iPOD cannot be controlled by the remote?Do we have to sit near the iPOD/MC-30 and manually choose iPOD music item?