New KEF References

When I reviewed KEF's top-line Reference 207 loudspeaker in February 2004, it featured a supertweeter perched atop the module housing the coaxial Uni-Q tweeter/midrange driver to achieve true ultrasonic performance. A redesign of the Uni-Q driver, the tweeter in particular, has meant that the supertweeter could be dispensed with for the Mk.2 version, launched at the 2007 CES.

The 2007/2 was on static display, but I very much enjoyed the sound of my new Cantus CD played on a pair of the smaller Reference 205/2 speakers, driven by an Esoteric SACD player and Audio Research amplification. But I also appreciated the picture of KEF founder, the late Raymond Cooke, at the back of the system. He is resting on the original R105, the launch of which in 1977 was a highlight of my first year as an audio journalist.

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It seems that the Audio Research amplifier that drives the 205/2 speakers is the fabulous REF110, isn't it?

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If have a set in the living room,it is so good.