More Eggleston: This Time with McCormack

Wanting to hear more of newest addition to the line that includes the Andra II, successor to Stereophile's 1997 "Loudspeaker of the Year," I visited Egglestonworks' second The Nine room after the Show's first day closed at 5pm. Here I discovered a wonderful depth to the presentation, thanks to McCormack's UDP-1 universal player and DNA-500 amplification, as well as to the Kubala-Sosna cabling. The treble was also nicely focused. Alas, despite another round of Echo Buster room treatment and a striking-looking Grand Prix rack, The Nine's bass control was defeated by the room's square dimensions.

I would have like to have played soprano Elly Ameling singing Schubert in order to further evaluate the speaker's top end, but the folks in the adjoining BAT-Magico room seem determined to be heard all the way to Kansas.

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SO much for the 90dB limits...On TrackRoom 29-230Venetian Tower