A Watch Out Coming Through

"DeVore's just down the hall," he says.

"I'll follow you."

I walk down the busy Venetian corridor with Sonic Flare's Josh Ray. I'm shoved, gently but thoroughly, from behind. I notice a bright green and yellow top. I notice black leather pants. I notice lots of tube blingware. And a:

"Watch out! Coming through!"

"I was just pushed by EveAnna Manley," I say.

"That's going in the blog," Josh responds.

EveAnna Manley's picture

Pardon me for decking you in the halls... I was running to grab my grill for the Tube Blingware photo shoot! A girll needs her grill!Kisses and hugs.......

Stephen Mejias's picture

No worries. It was a personal highlight.

suits_me's picture

Be glad, yes, for you could have easily ended up like that possum on her website.