Sound Engine Technology

I had the pleasure of becoming familiar with Hegel's CDP2A ($2595). Like the H1 integrated amplifier, it offers a clean, simple design, and features a nicely curved front panel of milled aluminum.

All of Hegel's products employ their patented "Sound Engine Technology." What's that? "It's a dynamic real-time cancelling of error in the system." Bent Holter happily and patiently explained to me (with diagrams and all!) that the "Sound Engine Technology" utilizes a "threshold detector," which identifies, calculates, and eliminates error in the playback chain.

I don't know what that means, but I gave it a listen. I asked Bent to please play track 8 from my CES demo disk. Soon, we were both stomping our feet to the floor, in time with the music.

I closed my eyes and smiled. This is how I know something is good. I didn't want to stop listening.

When the music was over, Bent exclaimed, "That was great! What band is this?"

"The Dears," I said. "Ballad of Human Kindness" is the name of the song.