Mikey loves JBLs—Who Knew?!?!!

A number of Stereophile writers have been having unexpected musical moments with JBL's massive horn-loaded K2 9800 loudspeaker at recent shows, but the 2007 CES saw the US debut of the awesome Everest ($60,000/pair).

Designed, like the K2 9800, by veteran JBL engineer Greg Timbers, whom I first interviewed 25 years ago when he was working on the JBL 250, the Everest represents the Californian company's ultimate effort to achieve high-end sound from high-efficiency, horn-loaded drivers.

With a pair of Everests driven by a Lexicon disc player and Mark Levinson amplification, both Michael Fremer (above) and I sat with our mouths open at the lack of midrange congestion, the absence of intermodulation distortion, the low-frequency extension, the superbly stable stereo imaging, and the enormous dynamic range.


Dr. Marc Villeger, Vancouver, Canada's picture

Surprise, surprise? Come on, anyone who once in his life has listened 1) to a demonstration of JBL large professional studio monitors from 4343 to Everest 2) done a pro recording knows what true sound reproduction quality is. Surprisingly JBL professional drivers are not expensive considering the incredible quality and experience they carry. Only the marketing war opposing audiophile to professional sound has prevented these marvels to be heard more often and better distributed...At a time when some manufacturers are still daring to sell their poor products by differentiating classical vs. rock speakers, amps or whatever cables, JBL professional drivers are lifetime investments.My system: Sources Linn unidisk 1.1, LP 12Electronics: Bryston 7B, 7B, 2B, 2B all SST, BP25 MPS2, Rane AC 24 crossoverJBL 2241,2226, 2446+2382, 2404 per channelInvestment max $60k, enjoyement $millions!