Lyngdorf—Taming the Venetian's Acoustics

The rooms at the Venetian Hotel that are named after famous Venetians (Marco Polo, Galileo, Bellini, et al), with their ultra-high ceiling, are proving to be a definite challenge for exhibitors. (The rooms in the Venetian Tower, which I haven’t visited yet, are said to be better.) One of the more successful in taming these rooms’ acoustical challenges was Lyngdorf. Of course, this is the all-singing, all-dancing, DSP-corrected RoomPerfectTM system, which is designed to deal with room anomalies. And that it did, the sound from the "2+2" system (two main speakers out from the wall and two subwoofers against the wall) sounding uncommonly well-balanced. Designer Jan A. Pedersen is looking pleased, as well he should be.

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This week's vote questions:How many readers would like to see a review of this complete system?

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I surely would like to see a review! There are many technical advances in here: digital amplification with processor pcm-pwm conversion without traditional dacs, active system with digital crossover, new room correction algorithms, and new speaker design techniques (with active woofers designed to stand in corners), and open baffle speakers.Which system is so technically advanced as this one?