Thiel's CS3.7 Demmed with Synergistic Cables

Thiel Audio had the benefit of several side-by-side rooms at the Venetian, one of which was reserved for listening with the door closed. Isolated from the noise of surrounding rooms, Thiel’s long-awaited CS3.7 speaker ($9900/pair in standard finishes when it’s finally released), and now actually boasting a grille, played an intriguing combination of two-channel and multi-channel music using Bryston electronics and Synergistic Research cabling.

Synergistic’s new zero-capacitance cables include active shielding that produced, I felt, a warmer, more analog-like sound than one might have expected from the solid-state Bryston amplification. Thanks to new engineering inspired by the work of Nicola Tesla, the cabling is thin and flexible. With a radical new geometry—Synergistic’s first major change in its cable technology in 15 years—the line’s new middle level cabling is claimed to outperform their old top-of-the-line at one third the price. I wish Synergisitic's Ted Denney’s controlled demo had given me more time to get to the heart of the music, but his presentation was about hearing what you could hear in less-than-a-minute increments.

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Where are the photos and details of the Bryston electronics? We've seen pictures of the "long-awaited CS3.7 speaker" at several different venues. It is a tired subject.

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I heard the demo and I couldn't really hear any tonal shifts. This analysis was echoed by the Thiel guy running the demo.

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Jason thank you for succinctly outlining our new Tesla Series Zero Capacitance Active Shielding demo. In fact the sound produced was at the same time smoother with greater frequency extension and enhanced sound staging. Sadly the demonstration needed to be conducted with somewhat fast AB tests between Active and Non-Active, as this has been shown to demonstrate the effects of Zero Capacitance Active Shielding faster then any other method. Of course the final analysis is best arrived at over a longer period of time then is practical under trade show conditions.Linking to a different section of the Primedia groups CES coverage: regards,Ted Denney III Synergistic Research Inc.

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Wrong link : ) here's the correct link to Primedia's AV Guides CES coverage: