Cabasse La Sphère Debuts

The mark of a great large speaker is that it can sound small when the music demands it. Such was the case with the humongous La Sphère speaker from French manufacturer Cabasse, one of the many high-end companies who chose to “outboard” this year at an off-site hotel. With its four-way coaxial design, it resembles a scaled-up version of the Baltic that Mikey Fremer reviewed in September 2005, but is fully active with the crossover realized in the digital domain. Demonstrated in a large room with Cabasse’s own amplification and Bel Canto preamp and source components, it offered tremendous dynamic range and loudness capability on full-scale orchestral music and film soundtracks (for which the pair of Spheres was joined by a full surround system and a subwoofer using a 22” driver). For me, however, the magic was greatest when Christopher Cabasse (shown standing with his company’s creation) played a two-channel recording of solo violin and piano, proving that La Sphère can be a quiet speaker when necessary.

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this speaker is the worst inaccurate crap I've heard yet you must be kiddingIf you can't tell your blessed and can get whatever looks wild

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The French have made significant contributions to the field of audio, but in this case, they have pushed the envelope too far. Would you want those things in your listening room? I'm sure they are great speakers, but give me a pair of vintage Cabasse speakers any day - great sound and looks.