CES: The Stereophile Blogger's Lament

Climb the AP's stairs day by day,
Push on through the screaming fray,
Get those pictures anyway.

Make each vendor take his pose,
Just don't step on any toes.
Catch the eyes and the nose.
Maybe a piece of gear in repose.

What new stuff can you show me?
And how much is the owner's fee?

Run back to the Amerisuites,
Shrink those photos but do it neat.
Squash 'em down to 50 squeaks.
Only thing waiting is my sleep.

Don't forget to check those facts,
Write it snappy with lots of cracks,
Not too long, not too short,
Make it a purty show report!

Send it through the Internet,
Wait and see what I get.

Did it make the company blog?
No, all I find is more fog.

Why do other blogs shine,
While my stories only pine?
Maybe tomorrow I'll learn what's wrong,
In my dreams during wakeup's song.—Larry "The King" Greenhill

Donald N.'s picture

The king lives! Good one.