Andrew Lipinski Solves Show Room Acoustics Problem

Andrew and Lukas Lipinski, manufacturers of the L-707 monitor I reviewed in December, were fed up with poor room acoustics and slow foot traffic at trade shows. So they eliminated the room! Ray Kimber urged them to take the empty spot in the Alexis Park lunchroom for their demo setup. Andrew set up one of the few multi-channel demo systems at the Show using six L-707s, including the one for rear height information seen in the photo. Despite the din of the lunch crowd, all I had to do was sit in the nearfield, and I was bathed in sound from Andrew's multi-channel recordings, such as his new Republique SACD. For the photo, however, they kicked back with Telarc's recording of Ladysmith Black Mambazo singing "Diamonds in the Soles of Her Shoes." It definitely rocked the lunchroom!

BERNIE KEPKE's picture

Larry, I listened to the Lipinskis' CDs as well as my own and in every case, I found the front channel music to be stuck in the plane of the front speakers or even projected in front of them. I included 2-ch. discs and had them switch the setup to stereo to be sure the problem wasn't in the surround CDs. I used my same discs in a number of great sounding rooms, including the Hovland/Avalon," the Reference 3A/ASL and the Cereus rooms and got tremendous depth. On the Lipinski setup I got no depth. You say you were ""bathed"" in the music"," which implies the same kind of ""in your face"" experience I had. Did you try any 2-channel material? Did you experience any depth of soundstage? In your review you say you got a deep soundstage as does reviewer Bob Katz. However"," reviewer Joe Hannigan seems to agree with me when he says: ""When positioned'll swear the soloist is roughly an inch in front of your face."" Can you explain such different experiences regarding depth of image? Bernie Kepke", Kepke A/V Design