The Threshold Stasis is Back

The fabled Threshold Stasis amplifier is back. The S/350 reissue, built in China by Threshold International Ltd., is said to have the same circuit as the original, but with updated components. The original cost $3900 in 1992, so for those who long to own this famous amplifier, the S/350 reissue at $2000 is a bargain!

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It's a shame. The $1900 price drop is due to another example of business leaving our shores to a country that has openly said that it wants to bomb us!Of course, I am conflicted, because one year ago I bought a Rotel amplifier thinking that their product was still British only to find the Made in China"" on a plate on the lower rear of the amp. I stared at it for about ten minutes wondering if I should get a refund or exchange", but then hooked it up! I'm a whore!

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A new company, APL HiFi debuted at T.H.E. Show with their own speakers, cables, hybrid amp and the re-engineered Esoteric UX1, now known as the NWO-1. The sound was the best I have ever heard. Linear, dynamic, full, it had it all. Did Stereophile miss this exhibitor?

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>Did Stereophile miss this exhibitor?< Sadly, I missed APL. As Wes wrote in his show wrap, CES with THE Show is now way too bg for any one person to see it all. I hope another of my teqm can jump in here, if they visited this room.

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well it might be a response to Usher's popular R-1,5 poweramp which actually is a clone of an classic Threshold design. the pricing seems quite reasonable

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John,Kal Rubinson was in the APL room for awhile and perhaps he has some input about the sound there. I happened to be present when Kal came in.Regard