Silverline's New Prelude

Silverline Audio's new Prelude is a slim floorstander combining an aluminum-dome tweeter with two 3.5" aluminum/magnesium-alloy mid/woofers. Designer Alan Yun was running the speakers with a pair of Pass X600s (600Wpc), an unusual combination intended to show the speaker's potential for dynamics and bass extension—and it certainly did that. Nice, smooth sound, too. The Prelude seems like a real bargain at $1200/pair.

Ed Long's picture

I auditioned the Silverline Preludes at his factory in Concord...amazing! Alan is a great guy and I ended up being very very happy with a pair of SR 15's being run by a tubed set up. For the money, you can't get a better line of speakers. Alan \ Silverline does it right.

Toby from Sweden's picture

Hi Alan... I can only say I am very satisfyed with mine Silverline Lafolia I buy from your seller in Denmark...Hope more people in Europe try this nice speakers out...Sincerely yoursToby