Proac Studio Series

We're suckers for Proacs, so we were delighted to hear importer Richard Gerberg explain that the Studio line was designed to be affordable. "Well, affordable for Proac," Gerberg said. Our hearts fell—until Gerberg told us that the handsome stand-mounted Studio 110s were $1500/pair and the floorstanding Studio 140s were $2800/pair. Not cheap, but in line with our expectations for the venerable Northamptonshire manufacturer.

Proac is always pretty close-mouthed about the internal specifics, but we can tell you the driver complements. The 110 has a 6.5" proprietary coated cone midrange/woofer and a 1" coated silk dome tweeter. The 140 uses the same drivers, but has two of the mid/woofs.

The sound was very refined—the Studio series may be "affordable," but they don't need to make any apologies.

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i have a set of the studio 110's with a cyrus system bi amped. one word Focused, there ability to put the singer in the middle is crazy good, great all arounders

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GORD: Have had similar problems with two different #51s. E-mail me for