How High the Moon?

Moon's Lionel Goodfield kept telling us to drop by the room to see something new. We walked in and asked, "What's new?" Goodfield waggled his eyebrows and said, "What's new with you?" Ba dum dum.

Seriously, Moon has five new products:
Moon CD 5.3 CD player ($3000, $300 extra for analog balanced output)
Moon I 5.3 85Wpc integrated amp ($3000)
Moon P-7 preamplifier ($5500)
Moon W-7 150Wpc stereo power amplifier ($7200)
Moon W-7m 500Wpc monoblock amplifier ($7500)

The CD5.3 boasts separate digital and analog power supplies, eight stages of DC voltage regulation, in-house developed software controlling its Philips transport, and a 50ppm digital clocking mechanism.

The W-7 has a custom toroidal transformer and oversized power supply, capacitor free signal path, and Lynx circuitry that eschews feedback "resulting in real-time amplification."

The P-7 has a dual mono power supply, 130-step volume control calibrated in 1 and .5dB increments, gain offset for each input, and open loop, zero feedback circuit topology.

The W-7 and W-7m incorporate the Lynx circuitry, proprietary toroidal transformers, capacitor-free signal paths, and high damping factor.

Whew, we're tired just writing all that down. We think we'll go lie down now.

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Hope you review more of these.