Humongous McIntosh Speaker

McIntosh displayed the full-range, $80,000/pair XRT2K speaker in their two-channel room at the Alexis Park. It sets a record for number of drivers per side—110—with 40 tweeters, 64 midrange units, and six woofers. Frequency response is claimed to be 16Hz–45kHz. The system driven to full volume by the 495lb McIntosh MC2KW monoblock ($30,000), which can deliver 2kW, demonstrated awesome dynamic range.

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The XRT2K's are $80,000 per pair, not $40,000.

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Good catch, Mr. Sanderson. I do understand where Larry got confused, hower. I just called McIntosh to confirm the price and they said $40,"000.""Per paid?"" I asked.""Oh my"," no. That's each. Please go correct that immediately.""Done.

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If I want impressive dynamics and head-splitting volume, I'll buy PA gear for a small fraction of the price.$80k? From a company who has almost zero reputation for making desirable loudspeakers? No thanks. $75k of that price tag must be paying for the logo on the cabinets.Think Avantgarde Duo Omega, with enough left over for a nice Mercedes sedan.

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John is right its $80,000 per pair. I have visited McIntosh website but they don't have full price details there - XRT2K

I am sure this speaker pair is definitely not for home... it required enough space to feel the sound quality.