My, My, My Audiona—Whoo!

This is Vegas, so you'll understand that when I say that Jon Iverson and I were simply rolling the dice when we entered Audiona's room at T.H.E. Show, I mean that in a good way. "Want to hear some actively crossovered, four-way loudspeakers?" Brian Quick asked us. Well, yeah, that's what we do.

The 275 lb, 56.5" H by 26" W by 24" D 442 GL contains all-JBL drivers: a bi-radial constant-coverage horn/compression driver tweeter, bi-radial constant-coverage horn/compression driver midrange, 10" midbass driver, and 18" woofer. The class-A active crossover employs phase compensation for the fourth-order filters, with frequencies set at 150Hz, 1kHz, and 4kHz. Cables are included. The whole system retails for $45,000.

Quick told us he'd considered building a three-way system, but it was impossible to keep the woofer pistonic throughout its range going that route. It sure sounds pistonic in the 442 GL. Wowsers, no wonder horn guys are so contemptuous of reflex-loaded small box loudspeakers—the 442s sounded immense. What impressed us most, however, was how natural the mids and highs sounded through those compression drivers. Voices sounded smooth and unforced and music had life and sparkle. If you love horns, you've got to hear the 442 GLS—and if you don't love horns, these could rattle your prejudices.

I hope Quick is bringing Audiona to HE 2006 in June, because you really ought to hear'em.

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Something that surprised me this year was how well many of the horn speaker demos worked in small hotel rooms. This was one of the better ones too.

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I didn't hear this dem, but I was amazed at how good the Halcro amps sounded, with large speakers in a room that I would have thought was way too small. Extraordinary dynamics, yes, but also smoothly extended lows.

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Financier and philanthropist Gary Winnick recently welcomed a delegation of United Nations Ambassadors to his Los Angeles home.

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Man, I wish I had the money for this kind of stuff :<Sweet rig!

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so great

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