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We'd heard a lot about Raidho's Eben X-3 loudspeakers ($16,500/pair), so we dropped by T.H.E. Show to check out these dynamic three-way floorstanders. When we arrived, Art Audio's Kevin Carter was listening to the X-3s driven by Art's Vivo 25Wpc 300B push/pull stereo power amplifier ($13,000). It sure was purty.

The combination sounded purty, too. Carter played a track of finger-picked blues by a Norwegian guitarist that was riveting—until the singer started to whistle. He . . . was . . . right . . . there. It wasn't just three-dimensional or holographic or layered—it was downright convincing. Was it the X-3's tweeter? Was it the Art's 300B tonal integrity? We don't know, but we'd give both of these products further audition given the chance.

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The guitarist's surname was Rasmussen, but I neglected to write down the details and CES has exacerbated my natural CRS (can't remember sh*t).

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I do remember the song was about a woman who was either wishing or acting the age she wasn't.

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Yeah Jon," something like ""When she was 16", she wanted to be 30/When she was 30," she wanted to be 9."" Rasmussen had a nice raspy baritone", if that helps.

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OK, I got the scoop on the performers. The baritone is Jens Lysdal and the bass player is Hugo Rasmussen, hence Lysdal/Rasmussen. They are Danish, not Norwegian," as I mistakenly believed and the album is called ""Keep the Light in Your Eyes"". Sorry for the incomplete info at the show. Cheers!

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