Wasatch Acoustics & DEQX

DEQX (pronounced "decks") has been succesfully showing their active EQ system for several years now, and each time, they push the envelope forward with a better product and better demo. This year they topped themselves again and have teamed up with newcomer Wasatch Acoustics to create a state-of-the-art system comprised of a modular speaker system with amplification and active digital EQ.

Customers can purchase either a two or four channel system, with optional subwoofers and as many amps as required. The entire crossover function for the drivers is done digitally in the same box with the amps. Systems range from $30-40k depending on how many channels and subs and should be available sometime this spring. Even in a small room, the demo was most impressive as we ran through our "torture CD" demo tracks. As Wes Phillips commented as we left, "I think we've just been given a glimpse into the future."

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Fixed - thanks.

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This would be great for Wes to review at his home. He adds his Ayre player and balanced interconnects and then walks us through the installation, calibration and sound. Hopefully, he can compare the sound with and without the DEQX in the chain.In the context of the high end,$40 ,000 is not totally outrageous for what you get - assuming the sound quality is there.Let us know.Thanks!