Sugden's Masterclass

Stanalog's George Stanwick was pleased as punch with Sugden's new Masterclass components: Masterclass Integrated Amplifier ($6500) and Masterclass CD Player ($5500).

The Integrated puts out 33 class-A watts per channel with bandwidth specified as 6Hz–300kHz!

All we know about the CD player is its price and that is has class-A output—and that it sounded great pumping Nickle Creek through a pair of Proac Studio 140s.

Jon Whyte's picture

I have the Sugden Masterclass CDP and integrated and would highly recommend it to anyone. ProsDetail Dynamics (you wont believe the amp is only 33wpc)!Great soundstageLovely organic soundTonal BalanceConsBuild quality not as good as some other brands.Amp runs hot and needs space to remain cool.