Olive Introduces New Music Server/WiFi Hub

A product that impressed me last year was OliveMedia Products' Symphony music server. The size and appearance of a conventional CD player, the Symphony incorporates an 80GB hard drive and a WiFi hub so that it can act as a music-file server, all for just $899. I wrote my positive impressions of the Symphony with its digital output driving my high-end rig in our mid-November eNewsletter, so I checked out Olive at CES. The company was demonstrating the new Opus, which increases the HD size to 400GB and uses a high-end D/A section. The Opus will be available mid-February for $2999.

Chris Barker's picture

For that kind of money ($3K) one could buy 10 Slim Devices Squeezebox 3's and have high-end audio in every room (including the bathroom) of a house. Stereophile needs to reveiw the SB3, its the best audio component I've bought in years!

Antonio Faria's picture

It looks like the Hifidelio by Hermstedt.

caveman's picture

You are comparing this product to a Squeezebox???? Are you insane??? Maybe you should better read CNET.