Anthony Gallo Takes The Mega-Buck Boys To School

Anthony Gallo's new Reference 3.1 loudspeaker ($2995/pair) proved that it's better to set up a room properly than it is to try to beat it into submission with expensive components. Not to take anything away from Gallo's Ref 3.1, which sounded fantastic, but his demo proved that God truly is in the details, sounding bigger, realer, richer, and more dynamic than most of the googolbuck systems we heard today. In fact, one importer, who shall remain nameless, confessed that he had a pair in his living room rather than the costly lines he brings into the country.

The Ref 3.1 has the same 10" woofer that the Ref 3 utilized, but the midrange drivers are new4" carbon fiber designs with neodymium magnets. The CDT tweeter is unchanged, although Gallo has removed a switch from its signal path that he felt compromised its performance. Also new are metalized polypropylene capacitors in the crossover.

Gallo cued Reference Recording's performance of Rutter's O Magnum Mysterium as we entered the room and its depth and majesty were overwhelming. The sopranos sounded natural and ravishing. We did not want to leave, so we invited the Ref 3.1s over to Wes' house for a longer assignation.

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3.1 eh?I have a pair of Ref 3`s, and can only praise the performance these little guys put on! They will be in my system for a long time, matching more and more expensive electronics :-)Do anyone know if it will be possible to upgrade original Ref 3

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First, congrats to Stereophile for the great show coverage and updates. I don't see this anywhere else and it's top notch!I second the Gallo's..I've had them for half a year or so and they blow me away still. Now, I have to wonder about the 3.1 midrange..drat! I'd be up for a trade in or upgrade. Is Stereophile going a review of the 3.1? Hope so...plese include some great pics!

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I'm surprised how small they are!

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I too would be interested in upgrading my recently acquired Ref3's to Ref3.1's.great scoop!

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As soon as I saw them advertised in Home Theater last April I ordered a pair with the sub amp. I love these speakers . They look and sound Awesome. I immediately heard significant differences between my Cd and Dvd players. I am impatiently waiting for the Center channel speaker to be available.

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Have recently replaced my elderly classic DQ-10s & DQ-1W (with all mods) with a pair of Ref 3s, and am extremely pleased. Want to try the sub amp once I've gotten the speakers well broken-in and my ears attuned to their characteristics.What's with the 3.1s? What's the difference? Is there an upgrade available for the Ref 3.0s??

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What ever happened? Did Wes get ever get the Gallo's home? Going against what I've read, I've found the 3.1's are placement sensitive. But once set up corretly for the room, Wow...

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Are we going to get a review from Stereophile on this product? Seems that every other publication has written favorably about it but since I read only stereophile magazine, it doesn't even exist in my world.Thanks for nothing, literally.Phillip

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I'm also curious as to why these cuties were never reviewed.

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yes im agree thanks so much

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I will venture a guess why these were never reviewed. Pretty much everyone who has reviewed these has declared them reference quality, at least for small-medium size rooms. Take a look at the Class A Recommendations in Stereophile and don't let anyone tell you different, the 3.1's are Class A. How do you think an advertiser who makes an $8-$100k+ reference speaker would feel seeing a $3,500 speaker in the same class. It's the simple economics of doing what you have to do to keep your advertisers.

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Even when pressed, pestered and ragged at. John A. and Stereophile STILL refuse (and never say why) to review the Gallos 3.1s. However their silence speaks volumes. As was said earlier, something as good as the 3.1s at such an astonishingly low price will upset the apple cart and Stereophile can't have that.

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Post very interesting, thanks.