Prima Luna's Affordable New Monoblocks

Prima Luna, Dutch maker of affordable tube electronics, had two new monoblock amplifiers: the EL34-equipped Model 6 and the KT88'd Model 7. What's particularly interesting is that the Model 7 can also be used with EL34s, so the indecisive audiophile can get a Model 7 with an extra set of EL34s, and, voilà! For the tube cost of $160 you effectively have a different amplifier.

Kenneth Reinhard's picture

Has anyone had any experience using the Prima Luna monoblocks with Magnepan speakers? I have some 2.5/Rs, and I'm wondering if the PL ProLogue 7s will be more than just adequate...

Donald N.'s picture

I'm targeting Prima Luna for my next amp. I love my new Antique Sound HB-1 (first dip into toobs) and look forward on expanding my tube exposure.

Robert Deutsch's picture

These amps are actually called ProLogue (not Model) Six and Seven. I'm getting the ProLogue Seven plus the matching ProLogue Three preamp for review.

J. Nunn's picture

Compared the 3 pre amp and 5 mono blocks with numerous other amps including a 6000E McIntosh and I must admit the smooth sound (though detail exists) hooked me. Tested with Sonus Faber Dumos Grand Pianos