McIntosh's Tube Preamp

McIntosh demonstrated a vacuum-tube version of its C1000 preamplifier in its two-channel audio room at the Alexis Villas. Retailing for $9000 and weighing in at 54 lbs, the C-1000T has fully balanced, dual-mono, MC and MM phono stages, balanced and single-ended inputs and outputs, and a front-panel window to show off four of the eight 12AX7 tubes. Mirrors create a barbershop effect of endless reflections, suggesting the presence of many more tubes than are actually there. Even so, I found the effect pleasing.

The remote has enough controls to allow the C1000T's owner to "become a total couch potato," said McIntosh's Ron Cornelius. Cartridge loading impedance and capacitance can be set on the fly.

Jim Tavegia's picture

Sam may have found the preamp for his Mc 275.

John Delgato's picture

I don't get it. The C1000 was announced months ago. Where are all the new products that were supposed to be on display like the MCD201 CD Player and MA6300 integrated amp?

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I admit it - I lust after McIntosh retro looks and signature blue glow (not forgeting their sound, of course)!

Ron Cornelius's picture

The MCD201 is in the same rack as the C1000 and the MA6300 prototype was in another display room. The MCD201 was shown at the September CEDIA show and started shipping in December.