Dynaudio's Revamped Focus Line

Dynaudio has rethunk its midlevel Focus line, wrapping the cabinets in real veneers rather than the woodgrained vinyl of the original series. They sure is purty.

The includes the two-way Focus 110 ($1400/pair), two-way Focus 140 ($1800/pair), two-and-a-half-way Focus 220 ($3000/pair) and the Focus 200C center channel speaker ($1000). All include Dynaudio drivers. Stereophile has, well, I have a pair of Focus 140s in for review now.

Robert Kwolek's picture

The Focus is a new line, not a rethinking of an old line. I believe the author has confused the new Focus line with the Audience line, a currently existing line that was recently rereleased in real wood.

Donald N.'s picture

I find their speakers to be sexy.

Wes Phillips's picture

Mr. Kwolek is correct. It was a brain meltdown on my part.