New Day-Sequerra HD tuner

Day Sequerra presented its newest FM/AM/HD Radio tuner, the Model M1 HD Broadcast Reference tuner in the Alexis Park. The basic chassis includes the option to receive High Definition (HD) FM digital radio and HD/AM radio in a modular package ($4995) with single-ended analog, balanced analog, and digital outputs. "We have begun to refer to this model as 'tuners," said David Day, seen in the photo with his new baby, "because it can be configured to accommodate 10 different audio and video receive modules, including: FM HD, a class-M output option that features current-feedback amplifiers), cable TV, an ultra high-end FM Reference Module front-end option, or HD TV." Two common options will be the M1 configured with a 2.75" oscilloscope ($6995), or the price-not-determined "Panalyzer" option, which provides a 5–500MHz spectrum display.

The Day Sequerra room featured a closed circuit HD broadcast radio station. A Meitner transport was connected to an HD FM radio transmitter's input by an AES/EBU cable. The 1W RF output of the HD transmitter was connected directly to the antenna input of the M1S tuner, which then fed its digital output to the Meitner D/A preamplifier.

I was able to play a CD of Lyle Lovett singing "Friend of the Devil" on Deadicated: Tribute to the Grateful Dead (Arista, 7822-18669-2) over the HD link. The sound on Avalon speakers featured great transparency, a three-dimensional image of Lovett's voice, and a wide deep soundstage. What a sound!