Awesome In Your LES Apartment

"You mentioned Totem earlier," Jon reminded me.
"Yes, I really liked the sound of their little Rainmakers during last year's Home Entertainment Show. I'd like to visit them."
"Well, here they are."

Well, there they were. We walked right in, and were immediately impressed by the comfort and warmth created by the room's décor: teepee style.

I like Totem because they're fun.

I also like Totem because they don't discriminate against the little guys: their very slim and attractive, apartment friendly, Arros were on display, producing some finely detailed and full-bodied sounds. At $1300/pair, the Arros offer intensity, scale, nuance, and a deep emotional impact that totally belie their modest stature. For reals.


They're super-cute. They're floorstanders. They've got the tiniest wee-littlest itsty-bitsiest footprint. They'd look totally awesome in your Lower East Side apartment. Plus: they sing and dance. I swear.

I think they're great. Maybe you will, too.

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Hey Stephen," I have a pair of the little Arros. You know those little ""Beaks"" that Totem offers for their speakers? I'll let you in on a little secret...they do actually work", though the effect is very subtle. Maybe a touch more height in the soundstage and a smidgen more definition between instruments. Considering the Totems already soundstage into another zip code, that's pretty cool. I really enjoy my pair, but I would audition them with some of your favorite piano recordings before deciding if you want to marry them. BTW, odorless kitty litter works real well to fill the bottom of those little cabinets and is a lot cheaper than lead shot. If you see Vince B., tell him that cheezy, blue tac, base coupling doesn't belong on one of his speakers.

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I've always wondered about the Arros. Given the small dimensions of my listening room... nay, space. What's the downside?Question: Once the sand/lead shot is loaded into the cabinet, how does one empty it? Or is the answer," ""you don't?""

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>I have a pair of the little Arros. I'm jealous. They seem to be really great little speakers. They're just so damn cute, and they offer such large sound for their size. Thanks for the insider tips. I'll tell Vince you said hi.

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>What's the downside? I don't know. Maybe Monty has a good answer, but for $1300/pair, I can't hear a downside. These are some sweet speakers, if you're trying to satisfy a small space. >Once the sand/lead shot is loaded into the cabinet, how does one empty it? Or is the answer," ""you don't?"" I think JA discusses this in a recent review. Let me ask him about it", and I'll get back to you.

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I have been searching for some time now for the best sound solution for my little apartment. Just bought it from South Beach condominiums and this look like the perfect setup for me also.

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Hey Tevo, I mounted mine on their bases with the adhesive and didn't notice a drain plug on the bottom to evacuate the fill so I'm almost certain the only solution is tipping them on their backs to remove the fill from the same hole, which is another good reason to use the larger kitty litter granuals as opposed to sand. As for the downside, they really are one of those components that aren't for everybody. I posted a 25C opinion on them at, though I would emphasize that my gear is purely entry level and I suspect these speakers would be much more at home in a more serious system. I'm in the process of upgrading my components from top to bottom so I guess I'm going to find out soon enough. Should you read the opinion I posted, keep in mind that I had no reservations in buying them and was prepared to spend considerably more for speakers. I too, have a small room and they are very special in several critical areas that just do it for me.

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Thanks for the response, Monty. From the reviews I have read about the Arros, they seem well suited for my listening space and sonic priorities/preferences.One consideration that I suspect most hi-fi folks don't have to deal with is portability. I have tendency to change living quarters periodically and lugging 50+kg hi-fi gear around (without damage) makes it all the more difficult.I have no qualms of laying my Plateau stands on their sides or even upside down to empty them of sand but to do so on a pair of speakers seems rather... risky?I wonder what Totem Acoustic has to say about this sort of thing.

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The sand you can just pour out again. Maybe it won't quite all come out, but who cares? Turning them on their sides or upside down has no ill effects at all. The sand goes in a separate chamber, if that's what's worrying you.The Arros are portable and fit the decor a lot better than most. They don't sound good with every amp, though.

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Fair enough. Thanks for the comments minty.

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JA is doing a review? When will this be available to the general public?