A Loss of Urgency

We were on a mission, of sorts. A mission to find a pair of small loudspeakers, which, as it turns out, is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Especially around these parts, where, it seems, size and volume are set to impress.

So, instead of finding small loudspeakers, we found some Italian women.

"This looks right up your alley," Jon joked, pointing at a hanging banner of goddesses luring travelers to the Bolzano Villetri suite.

Honestly, I wouldn't have noticed the curves and graces had Jon not opened my eyes to them. The Italians always impress me with their style. Some, I recall, like to wear two ties at once.

We followed the waves of dark, mysterious, silky locks upstairs where we'd find a pair of extremely voluptuous speakers, which featured a driver configuration unlike anything I'd ever seen. Mikhail Batkov explained that the principle behind the design is called "counter-aperture" and is used to distribute a balanced soundstream.

I don't know.

After taking a few shots alongside the lovely posters, we thought we should actually give the speakers a listen. "Track four, please," I asked, handing Mikhail my demo CD.

"I can't remember what track four is," I whispered to Jon.
"Well, track four sounds as good as any."
"Track four is usually my favorite."

The introductory drum beat, so loosely tight and wonderfully drunk, let me know that the song was "Sleeping is the Only Love," by David Berman and his Silver Jews.

Something was wrong, however. While I maybe — only maybe — noticed a touch more detail than I'm used to with my DeVores, the presentation lacked emotional impact — I didn't find myself wanting to dance — and images seemed rounded and hazy — Berman's voice was soft and distance and had lost its charming and compelling edge. Somehow, "I'd crawl over fifty yards of burning coals just to make it with you," didn't seem quite so urgent anymore.

And that's a shame.

$5000/pair for the strikingly beautiful and uniquely designed Piazettas seemed like a small amount until I realized that the sound of my gibbons, which I prefer, comes for less than half as much.

Looks aren't everything, I suppose.

Bolzano Villetri will soon be setting up distribution in New York City.

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Have you posted the tracklist for your demo CD yet?

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Wow. Not only had I read it already, I'd forgotten it. Oh well.