Wilson Alexandria Series 2

Wilson's flagship speaker has gotten a make-over, including a new midrange driver that, the company claims, has even "greater clarity, tonal density, and truthfulness" than the original.

The new titanium oxide tweeter also affords improvements, John Giolas explained. "It's sweeter and more resolving, and has an even lower noise floor, making it the perfect companion to the new midrange."

The new drivers necessitated a new crossover for the Alexandria, with the result, Giolas said, of even greater authority and extension in the bass—a result of Wilson's ability to hear "deeper into the crossover" because of the new tweeter and midrange.

The final change is the one that visually differentiates the new Alexandria from its predecessors: a tempered-glass "window" (it's a door, really) reveals the new crossover and the re-engineered resistor plate.

The Alexandria Series 2 will retail for $148,000/pair and older models are upgradeable. Prices for upgrades have not yet been set, but "they will be on a scale, based on the age of the Alexandria being refitted.

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