It's Supernait

Naim's long time a-borning $4750 Supernait is finally here. The Supernait's 80Wpc amplifier section is based upon that of Naim's NAP200, giving it 400VA output transient capability.

The Supernait's unusual preamp section accommodates six analog inputs and five digital inputs via its built-in DAC, which handles sampling rates from 32kHz to 96kHz. Digital inputs include two S/PDIF coaxial, two TOSlink (which Naim suggests are "ideal for connection to a computer . . . with perhaps a dirtier-than-normal power supply, as the optical connection isolates the two separate grounds"), and a front panel–mounted mini optical jack.

The Supernait also features two resistor-buffered subwoofer outputs, DIN-4 preamp outputs (for bi-amplifying), and a mini headphone jack. It can be used in conjunction with Naim's Flatcap2x, Hicap2, or Supercap2 power supplies.