New NAD Pre-Pro

That's a pretty snazzy new pre-pro from NAD, the T-175 ($1999). It sports four HDMI inputs, lots of analog and digital audio inputs as well as "legacy" video sources. Of special note is the inclusion of Audyssey MultEQ XT room correction, with a custom response curve option developed with PSB's Paul Barton. In addition, this is one of the first of a new generation of AVRs, pre-pros, and processors that are compatible with the potent Audyssey Pro Audio Calibration intended for professional installation. Others capable of Audyssey Pro include NAD's T775 and T785 AVRs, and Denon's AVR-5805CI, '5308CI, '4308CI and '3808CI AVRs. Also on Audyssey's lists are the Denon AVP1HD pre-pro, the Integra DTC-9.8 and OnkyoPro PR-SC885 pre-pros, the Integra DTR-8.8 AVR, the Crestron Adagio Media System, the Phase Technology dARTS system, and, of course, the Audyssey Sound Equalizer.

TDOG's picture

I purchased this receiver last year and it is awsome. It doesnt have the new formats yet, but as long as my blue ray player does I dont need them. Totally sounds different compared to my Marantz SR5000 which I am using upstairs now (good receiver). Set up isnt to bad if you like that stuff. I had the rep set up the sound for me. I turned it up loud and no distortion. Amazing sound and power. A good buy if looking for a receiver that delivers. I would still buy it even after seeing what the others have. Check it out at least.