Furman Reference

Furman's Reference line of power conditioners are handsomely packaged and feature packed. The $1499 20A SPR-20i Stable Power Regulator has linear filtering technology, multi-stage power surge suppression, extreme voltage shutdown, a detachable module for telco surge suppression, as well as three pairs of HD ready cable/satellite TVSS isolated F-connectors.

The $889 7A IT-Reference 7i supplementary symmetrically balanced power conditioner is designed to supplement an existing power conditioner or serve as a remote power conditioner—for a source component or projector, say. It also has linear filtering technology, extreme voltage shutdown, and multi-stage power surge suppression, as well as discrete symmetrical balanced power to lift ground loops and video bars.

The $1999 15A IT-Reference 15i discrete symmetrically balanced power conditioner offers the same features with 15A capacity, as well as the detachable telco/HD F-connector module.

The $3500 20A IT-Reference 20i discrete symmetrically balanced power conditioner has the same feature set as the 15i, but with 20A capacity (duh). In addition, its four filtered outlets are completely isolated from one another and Furman's newly refined dual-screen filtration technology is claimed to offer "the widest bandwidth of noise reduction available enabling it to uncover unprecedented levels of video and audio detail."

The IT-Reference 15i and the IT-Reference 20i also both feature Power Factor Technology to provide current on demand for power amplifiers and subwoofers.

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