Meridian-Ferrari F80 Astounds Veteran Scribes

Meridian’s collaboration with Ferrari bore fruit as the F80 CD-Radio. "CD-Radio," by a long shot, is an unworthy designation for such an unusual device. Sure, it is an AM/FM radio of high quality and, yes, it will play CDs and DVDs and do all sorts of other neat things but you can go to for all that info. What I want to tell you is that this $2999 clock-radio is drop-dead gorgeous and is a serious audio instrument. In a press conference room that I estimate was 25'x50' with 15' ceiling, Meridian's Bob Stuart popped in first one disc and then another to the amazement of the press crew. The f80 really filled that larger-than-domestic and nearly bare room with balanced sound. Now, I am not saying that it will replace a full component system for you or me, but I cannot think of another product that compares with it for size, appearance, or performance.

Andrew G. Benjamin's picture

Take two Audioengine A5 speakers, hook up an OPPO Digital universal player or an iPOd Classic with hi rez files, and you'll have real stereo, not mono, and superior sound for less than 20% of the Meridian's cost.I own a PROTON P300 from 25 years ago, stereo, tri-amped, and that too will blow the Meridian out of the water.The Meridian? A toy.Buy yourself a Rolex with what you just saved.