Linn's New Reference

Linn was showing its new reference standard digital player, the Klimax DS, which it is dubbing "the first authentic hi-fi product to stream digital music over a standard home network." Not impressed? How about this: it is capable of utilizing Linn's 24/96 downloads and, according to Rikke Ravnborg, director of marketing, is sonically superior to Linn's long-term digital reference, the CD-12.

"It's a Klimax," said Ravnborg, "so we had to set high standards. We met them." Details, such as price, are scarce, so we'll go straight to Linn's big man Ivor Tiefenbrun for the straight poop. When he tells us, we'll tell you.

Michael Idarecis's picture

I am a Linn dealer in NY, couldn't make the show so I have the first Klimax DS comming to my showroom in NY.