MIT Gets Small

MIT's Bruce Brisson was determined to shrink his Multipole technology so that his patented networks did not requite bulky boxes near their cables' termination. Naturally, he thought surface-mount components were the way to go. That was until he began measuring them and discovered that SM components were variable and many didn't measure well.

So, measurement king that he is, Bruce developed a way to measure and match components. The result is his new MPC-Multipole connector, an RCA termination that has an MIT network designed to increase what he terms the cable's articulation bandwidth.

Installers run the cables they need and then terminate them to MPC-Multipole connectors. Price TBD.

See any networks in the photo above? Well, every termination has one—and the rack is still neat and organized.

MIT's top-end cables will still sport network boxes—at least until Brisson makes another breakthrough.