Canton Chrono Loudspeakers

Canton's Frank Göbl is a busy little beaver. He wondered what it would be like to put the components of Canton's successful Ergo line into new specially designed cabinets that could bring the prices down by 30%. "Cost efficiencies have enabled us to do this without sacrificing sound quality or beauty," said Canto USA president Paul Madsen.

All of the models feature Canton's ADT-25 aluminum-manganese–dome tweeters, with newly developed, flared, "transmission-style" faceplates. The midrange and bass drivers are all aluminum-cone units designed and constructed by Canton. One striking feature is the shiny silver (aluminum, technically) mounting plate surrounding each driver. (Folks who want less bling can use the grilles.)

Shown is the $1000/each Chrono 509 DC.

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Does Stereophile have any plans to review the Canton, Chrono 509DC?

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Nice speakers but they are, in fact, $1000.00 each not a pair. Still not bad value.Thanks,Bryan

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Thanks for sharing informations.Games Accessories Looking forward to more stuff.