Art Decco

Peachtree Audio, which is distributed by Signal Path, introduced a tasty little 50Wpc digital integrated amp, the Decco ($799). That little window in the front has a 6922 tube behind it, feeding, presumably, a class-D power amp. The Decco has two analog inputs and three digital inputs: USB, Toslink, and S/PDIF coaxial. It decodes MP3, FLAC, AIF, and WAV and even has a slot in the rear to accommodate a Sonos ZP80 WiFi media player. It is also compatible (but lacks slots for) Apple TV and other music servers. There's a preamp output, in case you want to go for more power.

That ought to get your juices flowing.

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I listened to the Decco at my local hifi store yesterday through it's headphone jack with a pair of Goldring DR100s. I was in the store looking for a dedicated headphone amp with USB input. They didn't have such a thing on hand, so I asked about integrated amps or receivers with USB input and a headphone jack. The Decco met the requirement, and impressed me right away with it's good looks. As a headphone amp driving the Goldrings, I thought it sounded fantastic! I'd own it in a heartbeat, but it's pricey enough for me that I feel I should try to listen to some other options before making a move. I'm very interested to see what expert reviewers have to say about the Decco's headphone sound compared to similarly priced headphone amps.

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I don't think you will need to wait for the reviews to determine how good the Decco is - shops that carry them cannot get them fast enough and virtually anyone who works at those shops has intentions or has already bought one for their own.The Decco is a very unique product and way ahead of the curve with respect to where the industry should be going toward digital music - how it seemlessly integrates itself with the Sonos, but improves the whole set up with a better DAC, not to mention the tube preamp section and the whole system allows for external power to be added - this product is a true first time at the plate rookie grand slam!!

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Bought the Decco, hope to get a Waddia to stick my Ipod into which will digital out the the Decco digital input. RIght now, Using my Digital out from my Rega Apollo turntable, and am A-Bing it with my Musical Fidelity A308 150 watt per amp, and actually prefer the Decco sound...and it's of all things...beefy and warm! I am running two Sonus Faber Concerto speakers with it, and it seems a match made in heaven. Un-freakin' real. Forty feet of inexpensive audio research speaker cables...12 ohm....and no problem at all with getting big sound. Un- freakin' real.