What, More New Musical Fidelity Products?

The amiable team of industry veterans David Solomon (left) and Jim Spainhour (right) make up Signal Path, who distributes Musical Fidelity products in the US. They are seen here with MF’s new “audio Swiss Army knife,” the kW250, which includes a CD player, an FM tuner, a preamp with an MM phono stage, and a 250Wpc power amplifier for its $9000 price. A digital input on the back takes the feed from your music server and yes, there is a jack for your iPod on the front. "An ‘exit-level’ component," is how Jim describes it, "for the middle-aged music lover who wants system simplicity without sacrificing sound quality."

Also $9000 is Musical Fidelity’s new kW550 integrated, which takes a 600Wpc version of the kW750 power amp that Mikey Fremer reviewed in December 2005—quite the sweetest-sounding amp Musical Fidelity has ever made, I feel—and combines it with a version of the kWP Hybrid preamp in one chassis. Now that’s a product I want to hear.

Robert Grant's picture

I waited months to get my hands on a KW250S here in Spain.Yes it is a good idea the all simple great sounding all in one system,but what happens when you have problems with this new heavyweight unit? It is like a fridge in size when it is packed in its two cartons! I have had nothing from this unit than a headache since it was delivered to me and trying to have it sent 500 kms to the nearest dealer is a nightmare.The only thing about it that I would say was great is the MDs free Mozart cd that came with it. The speaker posts are too big,the sound quality at least from my unit is not top notch as described,the volume control suddenly decides to go on auto full volume and the on off switch sticks at times.Maybe I just have been given a dud machine but at this level you expect excellence don't you? My advice is only buy this unit if you live next door to a hifi shop.Robert Oviedo Spain.

Robert Grant's picture

Well I am now on KW250s number three,as the replacement set that was sent to me gratis was to my great supprise also faulty.If it had not been for the fact that I have never had a problem with MF products in the last 20 years I would have thown in the towel.I feel like the dog has bitten me and still wait for the unit to suddenly go mad and blow out my Dynaudio contour 1300 SE speakers.Having said that after changing the stock EI valves to Mullard E88CC gold pins the sound is now much better and as long as things don't go wrong with it anymore I am pleased with the unit.When you spend this much on Hi Fi you should not have to worry about reliability and this is a very heavy lump to send for repair.If no more faults develop I would say this machine is a good buy.If however it plays up again MF can perhaps do the decent thing and sort me out with somthing else that is reliable!! Are there more KW250s owners who might say a few words of hope out there? Or am I just suffering all on my own?

Filipe Cordovil's picture

Hello! Im from portugal and i have one for about 2 months now.I didnt had any problem so far with the kw250s and it sounds wonderful!The only thing that we have to be sure is if the kw250s after the warranty expires had somee problem, only the hours to opened and closed is about one day. So the costs for fix it will be enormeus.Bye

Chris Tolman's picture

My first unit blew my speaker when it went to full volume of its own accord. Second unit problem with CD Transport. Steer clear, really poorly built. It does sound good BUT it will break somewhere along the line. It weighs a ton which is not a problem unless you're constantly sending it back. Bargain prices at the moment - I wonder why....

Stephen Bell's picture

KW250s - I bought one of these as I needed some quality high power amplification for a pair of Martin Logan Clarity. Its sound quality is average from own CD inbuilt, I use a Marantz SACD for better result. It worked great for 20 months then cost £77 to ship back to MF for repairs after a water spill took out the PCB. Reasonable repair - £300 - for a £4K amp I bought end of line for £1500! STill happy, sad to hear of other problems. SB.