Paradigm Goes Beryllium

It was only a couple of CEDIAs ago that Paradigm introduced its Signature series of high-performance speakers, and I was very impressed by the stand-mounted Signature S2 when I reviewed it for Stereophile in July 2005 (see But the Canadian company’s big news of the Show was that they have redesigned, not just the Signature series but their entire line! The new models use beryllium-dome tweeters and midrange units with aluminum cones treated with cobalt to add stiffness. The looks of the Signature series are still to die for, however.

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It'd be best if you didn't include your personal opinions about design. Any serious design professional will tell you that there is no serious design behind those speakers, just pretty wood and paint (with too much plastic as well). Lots of decoration does not make a good design.

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Classic nonsense comment from a HiFI snob. These speakers are probably the bargain of the decade when it comes to stereo play back. I auditioned the B&W 802D's side by side with Paradigm S8's about 3 years ago. Money was not a concern and I ended up buying the S8's. After many hours of auditoning I became very familiar with both speakers, the B&W's were a tad more transparent. You'd have to spend LOTS of time with both speakers to arrive to that conclusion.The Paradigm S8's present a first-rate degree of 'coherency' that is rarely present with tower speakers at ANY price. These speakers only lack three things:- The last octave in the bass. We all know how much those speakers go by, and how rare it's to find such speakers not sounding bloomed.-The last degree of transparency. Nothing in the sub $10,000 price range that I have heard is going to make the S8's loose any sleep over this.-The last degree of dynamics. My benchmark here being Wison Audio stuff. Do you homework Ted, then post.

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I'm sure Mr. K. is correct. After all, who is John Atkinson to have an opinion on loudpeakers?

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Quite obviously the both of you have great limitations when it comes to the English language. I was very clearly referring to their design, as in how they look, as in their style. I do, however, believe that they are terrible when it comes to sound as well, but once again, their sound engineering is not what I was referring to in my original post.

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I like the way they look. Ted K. has a right to his opinion no matter how we feel about it.

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Ted, I certainly do not consider myself an expert on acoustical design, but I think your comments inferring that the design of the Signature series cabinetry is merely cosmetic, and not performance oriented, is far more subjective than objective. You criticize Mr. Atkinson

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Ted, You need to reach out a little and get past your Altec Lansing horn system to see another type of beauty. After all what constitutes aesthetic appeal is in the eye of the beholder.

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Hah digging up old comments.