Showing a Lot of Classé

Less flashy than the amplifier internals I blogged about earlier, but still enormously impressive, was this rack of Classé. Classé's Dave Nauber told me it was the first time the company had displayed their curved-profile components in these high-quality racks and that the installers were going nuts over them. They do do a restrained elegance.

From top to bottom:
CDT-300 DVD player ($4500)
SSP-900 surround-sound processor ($25,000)
CA-M400 400W monoblock power amps (two of them: $5000/ea)
CA-3200 three-channel 200Wpc amplifier ($6000; Kal Rubinson has a review in the works)
CA-5200 five-channel 200Wpc amplifier ($8000)