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Conrad-Johnson's Lew Johnson demos CJ's $7500 MET1 multichannel enhanced triode preamplifier. The twist? It's an analog six-channel preamplifier! It sounded exquisite, whether on two-channel sources or multichannel—only the MET1 can synthesize multichannel from the higher resolution two-channel PCM tracks present on many multichannel DVDs.

Speaking of resolution, Johnson touted The Resolution Project disc that takes two tracks (a jazz trio and a Haydn quartet) and presents them in MP3, WMA, AAC, 16./44.1kHz, 24/96kHz, 24/192kHz, 16/44.1 surround, and 24/96kHz surround. Lew started with the higher resolution tracks and ran down to MP3—and it really showed what you throw away when you dump data. What a great learning tool—one every dealer should have on hand.

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Wes:How can I get a copy of this disk? Teaching a course of 90 students at CU Boulder on the meaning of Information Technology, I could use this material to illustrate the danger of assuming lossy compression is benign.

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Hello -My company produced The Resolution Project, and I suggest anyone interested in a free copy of this DVD-Audio disc contact Customer Service at Monster Cable (one of the participants in the project). Email: You must have a DVD-Audio player (it is not a CD), the disc has both stereo and surround tracks (a surround system is not required), and the discs cannot be sold.Thanks,John CalderGenerator LLCMinneapolis

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Email address didn't print - The Resolution Project disc is available here:customerservice@monstercable.comJohnGenerator LLC